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Circular Industries

CEV offers industry stakeholders a strong community partner to help seed, incubate and scale circular innovations that help catalyse markets for more circular products and services. 

Market Activation Programs



1 Hour Session | Ongoing

This 1 hour circular briefing is designed to bring executives and business leaders up to speed on the latest circular economy developments from around the World. The briefing communicates emerging trends, risks, stakeholders

and key opportunities for circular solutions in the Australian market. The briefing is delivered either online or face-to-face by one of CEV's industry experts.



18 Week Program | Next Cohort: July 2022

The KPMG Circular Advantage Program is a unique circular economy corporate strategy training program. The program is an 18-module online, applied executive education program that guides corporate leaders step by step through the development of a business specific circular economy roadmap. It does this through leading edge content, dynamic collaborative learning models and an online platform that is perfect for busy professionals.



2 x 2 Hour Sessions | Ongoing

This training program is designed to be part of a journey to circularity. CEV aims to actively support businesses to see the circular economy through an economic opportunity lens rather than a cost lens. By helping businesses identify and measure circular economy impact in a more holistic way, we can help build a strong foundation on which participants can continue their journeys towards a zero-waste, zero- carbon circular economy.



1 Week Event | December 2021

The annual Circular Economy Innovation Showcase is a new initiative to help catalyse and scale product, material, supply chain, business model and behaviour change innovations that accelerate the transition to a more circular economy. Industry stakeholders are invited to join as exhibitors, guests, and sponsors. This initiative forms part of the Victorian Circular Activator, a State Government funded innovation hub based at RMIT University.



1/2 Day Workshop | Ongoing

The masterclass takes staff members through a practical exploratory session on Circular Economy (CE) and Doughnut Economics (DE). Participants learn how these concepts can be used to solve real world problems and break down internal silos. This masterclass is comprised of a theoretical and interactive component, and is designed to be accessible to a wide audience to deliver a strong base understanding of both CE and DE from a systems thinking perspective. 

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Program Partner | Ongoing

Regen Melbourne is looking for industry partners to support the Doughnut Economics localisation work by:

  • Convening a regenerative business forum to support and enhance collaboration and to share knowledge of aligned business practice 

  • Creating and sharing demonstration projects and practical tools for activating Melbourne’s doughnut

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