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Circular Cities and Regions

CEV offers government stakeholders a strong community partner to help inform, implement and measure holistic value of circular initiatives in Victorian towns, cities, and regions.

State Activation Programs



1/2 Day Workshop | Ongoing

The masterclass takes staff members through a practical exploratory session on Circular Economy (CE) and Doughnut Economics (DE). Participants learn how these concepts can be used to solve real world problems and break down internal silos. This masterclass is comprised of a theoretical and interactive component, and is designed to be accessible to a wide audience and deliver a strong base understanding of both CE and DE from a systems thinking perspective. 



12 Month Program | Next Cohort: July 2022

The program is designed to catalyse the conditions needed for a local circular innovation ecosystem to thrive. It focuses on three key areas:

  1. Increase community awareness of the benefits of the circular economy

  2. Create a core group of local circular economy champions through education workshops

  3. Create an innovative space for circular economy ideas to seed.



6 Month Program | Flexible Start

The program works with community members to practically test a range of waste valorisation activities within their city/region. Community members are provided pathways to create economic value through resale, repairing, recycling and other circular opportunities. Data and community feedback are collated to inform government and community leaders of the practical opportunities and barriers that exist in the local transition to a more circular economy.

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Program Partner | Ongoing

Regen Melbourne is looking for council partners to support the Doughnut Economics localisation work by:

  • Recruiting at least five Greater Melbourne councils as beacons that help lead the activation.

  • Investigating gaps and opportunities in policy that can inform the development of doughnut-aligned policies for Greater Melbourne




6 Month Program | Flexible Start

The challenge is a practical learning program to help community members and local businesses embed circular economy principles into their daily lives through a hybrid gamification experience. Using an online platform, participants earn points by completing tasks such as learning circular economy concepts, answering quizzesengaging with local sustainable initiatives.

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