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About CEV

Circular Economy Victoria (CEV) is an incorporated not-for-profit, started in early 2019, that works to catalyse transformative change through social innovation in Victoria. Our vision is to help create a safe and just world where everyone can thrive in balance with the living planet. We see the circular economy as a key economic mechanism to help realise this vision, and the individual as the most important agent for systemic change.  Our Circular Journey has led us to focus on:

"Enabling small and medium enterprises to catalyse Victoria's transition to the Circular Economy."


  We do this by first, supporting and enabling startups, and small and medium enterprises in the business, social enterprise and not for profit space to transition to a Circular Economy.  We partner with State and Local Government, and local community groups to support these Circular pioneering enterprises to develop a Circular Economy that benefits us all.

Vision & Mission



A safe and just World, where everyone can thrive in balance with the planet, enabled by a circular economy.



Catalyse systemic transitions towards a more circular economy by empowering small and medium enterprises to develop their circular lens; activate their local circular ecosystems; and develop their own journey to circularity.

Impact Through Action

Our Team

Circular Economy Victoria is managed by a volunteer Board of Directors.

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