Regen Melbourne

Regen Melbourne is a network of more than 40 organisations and 600 individuals exploring a regenerative future for our city. Over the last 9 months we have begun a community engagement process that has included participatory workshops, leadership interviews, roundtables and countless hours of data analysis. This result of this process is the report Towards a Regenerative Melbourne. Utilising the Doughnut Economics City Portrait methodology and a unique community engagement process, we have developed a new compass for Melbourne. This is the first post-COVID step towards a more regenerative Melbourne. Join the conversation.

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Australian Circular Economy Hub - Victoria

Circular Economy Victoria is an official partner of The Australian Circular Economy Hub, powered by Planet Ark. The Hub will be Australia’s go-to resource for circular economy thinking and action. The Hub will provide companies, individuals and communities with the tools and education to help implement circularity.   

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Circular Education Initiative

Use open source content to create and facilitate circular economic education workshops and masterclasses for the Victorian context.

Launch: June 2021


Victorian Circular Activator Pilot

Circular Economy Victoria is leading a coalition to create Victoria's first physical Circular Economy Innovation Hub.

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Circular Living Challenge

A digital platform to allow citizens to sign up to a Circular Living Challenge, set circular targets they would like to achieve, invite friends and then enjoy some friendly competition.

Launch: May 2021

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aRound Table 2020 is a global Circular Economy Collaboration Initiative developed to help Cities design projects to fast track Circular Economy transition and Build Back Better.

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