CEV is a community activation platform dedicated to help accelerate the transition towards a circular economy in Victoria.

Through our AECEA engagement model we empower every individual to see their skillset through a circular lens. 


Join our collaborative community to learn more how you can help create a regenerative and resilient Victorian economy.












Drive circular

awareness through community events, consumer insights, campaigns

Promote circular education through 

workshops, open source content, third party programs, case studies

Catalyse circular collaboration through community engagement,

 networking, digital platforms

Empower circular initiatives through data, 

recognition and symbiotic partnerships

Advocate for the circular economy on a community level

We all have the opportunity and responsibility to ensure that future generations inherit a World that is able to provide a prosperous life for all. Our current linear economic model of take, make, and waste is not ensuring this. We are using more resources than the Earth can regenerate, and putting more waste into natural sinks than the Earth can process. This current paradigm is not sustainable for continued economic development nor ecological conservation.

Something has to change!

The circular economy can be a solution if we embrace the required systems change and embed it as an economic mechanism that retains materials at their highest value and utility for as long as possible. After all value has been used, materials are then disposed of in a way that do not pollute the environment and help to regenerate the natural sources from which they came.

Circular Economy Victoria believes that the best way to aid this transition, from linear to circular, is through the individuals. More than just a set of principles, the circular economy is a way to see solutions to problems in a vastly different way.

We call this paradigm shift a circular lens.

Our AECEA engagement model is designed to take an individual on their own journey towards circularity, by allowing them to see their skillsets, interests, and daily lives through a circular lens. This journey is facilitated through a range of activities that include: events, courses, networking opportunities, and practical workshops. 

Circular Economy Victoria

Circular Economy Victoria Inc. 2019

78 Berry Street, Clifton Hill, VIC, 3068

What we do
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