Transition through action!

The journey to circularity can only go so far with learning and collaborating. In order to transition from a linear economy to a circular economy, we need to take action within our spheres of influence.

CEV works to empower Victorians to take action in both their personal and professional lives by catalysing and supporting a wide variety of projects. Read more about some of our current projects below and find out how you can take action today! 


Victorian Circular Activator Pilot

Circular Economy Victoria is leading a coalition to create Victoria's first physical Circular Economy Innovation Hub.

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Circular Living Challenge

One of Circular Economy Victoria's most exciting, yet challenging projects is currently being developed in collaboration with the City of Boroondara.


The Circular Living Challenge supports positive behaviour change of citizens and consumers through a range of gametised learning and engagement activities. These activities help build a demand for 'circular' products and services in a local areas. Local merchants are engaged to provide the supply of 'circular' products and services thus building resilient local economies based on circular economy principles.

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Circular Advantage Program

Circular Economy Victoria and the Australian Circular Economy Hub are providing businesses access to a highly impactful executive training program on the circular economy.

The program is currently open for registration and will run between 5 July and 3 December 2021. 

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Melbourne Doughnut

Circular Economy Victoria is a founding member of Regen Melbourne. Together with a growing network of individuals and organisations, CEV is exploring Doughnut Economics in the Melbourne context.

Our goal is to understand and test how the Doughnut can support visioning and impact measurement work within Victoria.

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Take action today!

CEV is currently building internal capacity to support the growing requests for support from our members and community.

Join us as a member or sign up to our newsletter to keep up to date with CEV's developments and project opportunities. Alternative reach out to our team through the Contact Us form.